2017 update

Wow, it's been a while since I posted. Sorry about that. We made it through Christmas, and had a good time. I put my pattern testing on hold during the holidays, because it was just too hard to get anyone. Most people were busy finishing off gifts for family and friends. Thankfully I had finished my Christmas knitting well in advance of Christmas. I knew I would have to get mom's gift in the mail early. I have also finished a bunch of projects and a bunch of patterns have been published. For the links to patterns and to keep up with those, you can find them here. That is my website for my design business, as well as my site for my portfolio of test knits that I have done. I'll be doing another update there shortly, because things have been released or started. First up in the finished projects portion of this post is mom's sweater. I am so in love with this pattern that I am making one of these for me now. Mine is just a little brighter blue that what I used for mom's. Mine is a denim color. The pattern is Herbst Rosina, and is a beautiful sweater. As a quick caveat, you'll have to read the pattern carefully. It was translated into English and some of the pattern is worded a bit strangely. If you have knit a sweater before, you should be able to follow the directions well enough. And believe me, it is well worth it. The lace design on the back is worked until it touches the front lace of the sweater. It makes this lovely sweeping lace design on the back that is gorgeous. I love every bit of this sweater. It also goes faster than just a plain stockinette, which is nice. When I was knitting this, I knit until I split off for the sleeves and then actually knit the sleeves before finishing the body. The main reason I did this, was to be able to lengthen the sweater. This way I don't have to guess what I need for yarn to finish the sleeves, and I can just keep knitting until I run out of yarn, or I hit the length I want. thumb_IMG_1142_1024 thumb_IMG_1146_1024 These socks are my own design. They are called Diamonds at Sea. I finished these just after we got back home from our cruise, so I did a fair bit of work on them while sailing. That contributed to the name. The diamonds were more visible than normal, because I used a slipped stitch technique instead of a leaning stitch type of technique. IMG_1181 I finished a pattern for another pair of socks that launched just a couple days ago. These are called Butterfly socks. Somehow in the process of waiting for the testing to finished I lost the second sock of this pair. It has to be in the house somewhere, but I can't find it. IMG_1202 In the fingerless mittens category, I have completed two patterns. First is Dreaming of Spring. These are a raspberry stitch that gives it a little height and definition to the mittens. I only did the design on the top of the hand, because I always find having some kind of bobble on the underside of the arm or palm really gets annoying when I type or need to rest my arm on something. IMG_1173 I also launched By the Shore Fingerless Mittens. These have an oyster stitch that reminded me of sitting by the Bay of Fundy watching the waves and having wienie roasts. I also made a pair of these for my cousin. She needed something for at the rink, so I put a flap on her pair. IMG_1177 Untitled I finished a pair of socks (not my design) called By the Seine River. These have a simple meandering pattern that creates a wave like design. I used a yarn that is a bit busy, so the pattern doesn't show up that well. But, I wanted to get the yarn used up. hehe I do love the pattern, though. It was a quick knit, too. Untitled Another pair of socks I made for myself were the Osier socks. It's made with a yarn I got from a yarn club, and it looked like fun. They turned out really well, and I love wearing them. The color is very cheerful. 😀 The pattern itself is very easy to remember, and is a great travel pattern. Untitled Time for another pattern of mine. I have no link for this yet, because it hasn't been released. I am planning to release it in a couple of days, so be sure to check my design website for it. This is the Leaf Slouchy. I started this as fall was rolling in and the leaves were falling to the ground. I wanted to have a nice wandering leaf pattern. I had some trouble with this pattern because of some issues with my health. I was having a lot of trouble with my memory and just keeping things straight in my head. My cognition has been in the toilet the last few months. More on that shortly. IMG_1211 This adorable hat is called Romancing the Brioche, and I knit it as a test knit for the designer. It's absolutely adorable. The ribbing and the heart are done in the brioche technique and give a nice definition to the stitches. IMG_1213 Now for a work in progress. This is a knit a long I am doing. It's double knit, so it's fully reversible. The designer has this set up to be like a dungeons and dragons game. Each clue has a number of charts, and you roll the dice to determine the chart you will use for each section. It's a lot of fun. The other thing I like is that your scarf is going to be completely unique. It's fantastic! Untitled Untitled Now that I've run through all that, time for a quick update on what is happening here. As I said above my health has been rocky. Mentally I've just not been there. The medications have messed my mind up to the point that my memory was short. The old doctor I was seeing was a real piece of work and was ready to just shove me out the door. So, I went to see someone else. The new doctor has been great. She ran a bunch of new tests to see what she was dealing with. She also did an ultrasound of my hand and found inflammation. I should have no inflammation when on a biologic. So, that medication was stopped and she got me approval for a new one. I start that one last week. She also gave me a steroid shot. That spot is still bruised. lol But, I am feeling so much better. I can think straight today, which a huge improvement. The new med is injected every two weeks instead of every week. It seems like I may have been allergic to the old meds. Great that the old doc paid enough attention to my concerns to actually listen to me. >.> The new doc heard me and told me that I should have been in remission long ago, so that means the old med wasn't even working. There is no guarantee that this new med will work better, but we'll only wait three months before moving on...not two years. So, I'm satisfied with that. I can actually sit here and type, which I haven't been able to really do in months. I've started playing around with food again. We bought an Instant Pot, and I've been doing a lot of our meat in that. It's so fast and easy. I plan on trying it for bone broth soon. Tonight we made a Portuguese Beef Stew. It was delicious. It's cooked in white wine, which gives it a much lighter and brighter flavor than I am accustomed to. But, it is very good. Now that I can be up and around more, I want to do some more experimenting and trying out different recipes. I have plans to make some snickerdoodles in the next few days. I don't have any vegetable shortening, but thankfully tomorrow is grocery day. I am on a diet, but there is nothing wrong with a wee bit of a treat now and then. As long as I don't eat the entire sheet of cookies in one sitting, I'll be just fine. I have pretty good willpower when it comes to baked goods, so I should be alright. That about sums up what has been going on around here. I will try to keep up with things better now. Since I can actually type, it should be much easier.

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