Slow and steady

I've been slowly working through some projects. I was sucked into a great project that is designed as an RPG (roll playing game) where you roll the dice to see which chart of that section you get to knit. It's a lovely scarf, and I've finished it recently.  The pattern is called Heroes of Yarnia. It was a lot of fun. And now I am working on a blanket that will continue until the end of November, that is by the same designer. So much fun!  It's double knit, just like the scarf, which means it's fully reversible. 😀 Untitled   I also released another pattern, which you can find on my pattern blog of here. And of course that blog has links to all my patterns on the side, as well as a link to Ravelry to see them all with pictures and be able to purchase them on there as well.  This latest pattern is a hat. I wanted to use the theme of leaves for something, since when I started it it was fall. A hat seemed like the best place to get a nice big pattern. IMG_1211 The hat pattern is available in three adult sizes ranging from 19" around the brim to 23" around the brim. It can also be made shorter if the knitter prefers a regular hat and not a slouchy. I haven't been feeling well with my new medication, so my designs have been put on hold temporarily. But, I just stopped one of my meds and I'm feeling a tiny bit better. I'm going to try to get as much done on the latest sock pattern as I can today, and maybe I'll get more done than I expect.  For the latest updates on patterns, be sure to go over to my design blog, or you can join my Facebook page. As for an update on me, well, like I said above I've felt crummy. I've collapsed 4 times in the last two months, which is a big problem. I almost broke my wrist twice. Thankfully it was sprained, but needless to say you can't do much knitting with a badly sprained wrist. The first fall was the worst and I bruised and sprained my whole right side.  So, we'll see where we take things at my next doctor appointment. Today I went to see the asthma doc and we've changed things up on that front as well. I've started a daily medication to see if we can get the inflammation to go away in my lungs. Fingers crossed! Apart from that I picked up a test knit for a gorgeous scarf that is a super secret until the designers mystery knit a long has concluded. I have to try to get that done by the end of March.  No rush. lol

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