Easter Weekend

It's that time of year when the trees have started to fully pop with leaves, the flowers and coming up and everything is looking green and pretty. It's also that time of year when my sinuses go crazy and hate me. Thankfully I can take lots of stuff to make that a bit easier. It also means I can throw open all the windows and listen to the birds happily chirping at the great weather. I have started a couple projects in the last few days. That's the problem when I don't feel well. I need something new to occupy my mind. Just ignore that bag of wips..and that bag....aaand that bag. lol We went out to the local yarn store last week to meet up with a friend who was in town, and I was drawn to this lovely Miss Babs yarn. I mean, when am I not?! I love her yarn. I think I have a problem. lol This one is Miss Babs Yowza in the Adobe colorway, and it's so pretty! It's a light dusty rose color and it's gorgeous. It will become a sweater soon..I hope. Again, ignore the two sweaters I have on the go already. The pattern is Jesse's Girl in the book by Kate Oates called "Grown". It's such a pretty sweater. It's a pullover style, with lovely cables on the arms and the body. I thought the cables would make it go slower, but so far it's going really well. The pattern starts with having you knit the sleeves, which I love. I usually do that with my sweaters, because I almost always lengthen the body. Doing the sleeves first means I know that the yarn I have left is all for the body. Untitled This is the only thing I started from someone else. I did however start working on a new pattern design. This will become a t-shirt as Spring progresses. The prototype is being knit in Knit Picks Lindy Chain in the Serrano colorway. It's a nice vibrant red. It's a bit difficult to work with, because it splits a lot. It is still a very nice yarn, and very pretty, though. It won't be as drappey as other lace weights, because it feels more like a cotton. The picture shows a wee taste of the sweater, only the neckline, and all the goodies piled up on the ottoman for all the calculations and things I have to do for sizing. There are even cat toys thrown in for good measure. 🙂 Untitled Tomorrow we'll be making Easter Dinner and trying to relax. I have to make a doctors appointment next week, because my heart has decided that it didn't like the meds I was on and I went into Bradycardia (slow heart rate). It cause me to collapse 4 different times. I'm feeling a bit better now, but I need to get a full EKG and work up. That means I am on no meds other than my anti-inflammatories. It's going well, but we need to make sure I can handle any new meds. At this point, I'm not really interested in anything else. It's too risky. 🙁 We did manage to get most of the vegetable garden planted last week. We have one large planter that needs work still, but we need to pick up a bunch of dirt to get the soil loosened up. Now to just wait for everything to start popping up for some yummy veggies. We also have a couple blueberry plants now. I planted them a few weeks ago, and they are growing really well. I figure that they will start to produce a nice yield next year. This year is all about them growing and maturing. I'll be happy if we get any berries this year.

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