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Well, I've been laid up the last couple weeks (broken ankle...stress fracture that the doc found a few days ago, and I'm now in an air cast and on limited activities), so I've had lots of time to finish and start some things. I've been super lucky lately, in that the arthritis is pretty much non existent. My hands have not bothered me at all. That means I have been able to finish these guys and get them out for test knitting. Celtic Cable Fingerless Mittens: I've always love cables, especially anything that looks like little Celtic cable. I put them down for months, but they are now finished. IMG_1247 The goal is to have the pattern out around June 15. That is the end date for the testing. I've been getting feedback already, and they are actually a fast knit, so I might see some finished mittens very soon. Also out for testing (although I have only completed one sock. I just cast on the second one.) are my Spring Flower Socks. These guys have just a bit of a yarn over design to give it the look of tulips, or dandelions. The deadline for testing on these is June 10, so I should have this one out just ahead of the Fingerless Mittens. IMG_1243 I'll link to those patterns when they go live. Until then, pictures will have to do. I have also finished a couple things that are not my designs. First is a shawl that is being delivered to a friend today. She recently lost her mom, so this is my way of sending her a hug. This pattern is called Reyna and is a very quick knit. It was really nice. It was just a mesh pattern and a garter stitch pattern. I love it. 😀 It's also made with just a single skein of fingering weight yarn (approx 400 yards). I had some yarn that I received in my monthly yarn club, and it worked out so nicely. I love that it looks spring like with the pinks and purples. Untitled The other finished item right now is a cowl for me. This is the Lila Cowl. I bought a kit for it years ago, but never made it. It ended up taking me just a couple days, and the pattern was really easy to memorize. It was awesome. I finished it last night just before bed time. The yarn that came in the kit is cashmere, so it's incredibly soft. It's summer here now, so I don't need it, but I'll get it all blocked and things and then put it in the winter scarf/mitten drawer. 🙂 Untitled My biggest finished project is my Herbst Rosina. I made one for my mom for Christmas, and fell in love with it, so I made one for myself. It's awesome. This picture is a bit washed out, color wise, but I haven't made it back down to the basement to set up proper pictures. The color is actually like blue jeans. Actually, the yarn is called Denim. So, there are flakes of whiter color along with the blue. It's definitely not the shade of grey this picture shows. The yarn is the same as moms. It's the Miss Babs Yowza. I used almost 3 full skeins of this yarn. I made it long enough to come down to cover my butt. I love how it turned out. Untitled Other than that, I have been resting and trying to let my ankle heal. The doc I found was terrific. I was so thankful to find someone that would see me! Everyone else refused or tried to send me elsewhere. sigh But, this guy is awesome. He's about a 45 minute drive away, but worth it. He wasn't impressed with some of the things he saw with my foot. But, first we have to get this stress fracture to heal, then we can move on to fixing other stuff. The really great thing is that he has options for me! Other than just amputation. So, fingers crossed we can find a solution. I'm only a couple days into my 6 weeks of the air cast. And that is best case scenario. He wasn't inspiring confidence that I'd be out of it in 6 weeks. That's the issue with stress fractures. You're not quite sure how they happened. And in all likelihood mine happened just from how I walk. So, I'll need a new brace, most likely, and then we'll have to fix it. If I don't take it easy over the next 6 weeks, though, it won't heal. That means very little walking for me. It also means a lot of time sitting, which isn't good either. I have grabbed the hand weights to do some stuff with my upper body as I sit, and I have also been doing leg exercises while sitting. This way, it keeps the blood flowing and keeps the muscles working. I get a check up in a week in a half from now to see how things are going. Hopefully it'll look like it's improving. 🙂

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