Far too long

I have been so busy updating my work/design blog that I have been neglecting my personal one. Sorry about that! I'll try harder going forward. 🙂 Let's see...what have I been doing? Well, we finished a bunch of renovations on our house. We finished the kitchen and redid the master bath. It all turned out nice, but was preceded with an unexpected basement flood. We had folks in to gut the basement of it's flooring, and then had someone in to fix the door that was destroyed. It was not the first time this has happened apparently, and we took the full force of their ineptitude. :S Oh well. The door is now new and has all new jams. And not a drop of water since. The basement will be a winter or next summer project. Right now we can't decide what to do down there. Okay, so kitchen! We had already replaced upper and did the tile. Now it was time for lowers, new layout and floors. We moved the fridge across the room out of the way, tore out the pantry and replaced it with a proper cabinet. The counter tops are a leathered granite, which turned out really nice. Untitled As for the bathroom, it was a complete gut. The toilet was moved, the shower was enlarged, the tub surround depth was actually made smaller, yet we fit in a new bigger tub. The length of the tub surround was enlarged, by taking some space from the closet. We ended up getting more usable space in the closet when we were done, though. Go figure. It was a really poor layout. The old vanity was really huge, so we went to a smaller one, to make room for the glass shower door to open. Untitled Untitled Untitled We did the design work ourselves, but had someone else come and do the install. But, this next reno is pretty much all us. The only thing we won't be doing is installing the carpet. But, starting Friday, we're going to rip out the old carpet, put down new sub-floor and start repairing walls and painting. We also have crown molding going in. First up is going to be J's office. We're moving him into what was the guest room, because it's a bit smaller and will fit his desk better. After that room is complete, and he's all moved in, we'll tackle the room he is currently using as his office. That will become the craft studio. It's the same process in there, except we aren't planning on crown molding. We should be done by Christmas. hehe Other than that, it's been knitting, working on designs, and trying to keep my head in the game. Easier said than done! My foot is killing me! It is somewhat healed from the initial break, but it keeps getting new fractures. I should have my new orthotics in a couple of weeks. Hopefully once I get adjusted to them, I won't have as much trouble. We went to California for a few days back at the beginning of November. We went to Blizzcon and had a blast! It was a short trip, but a lot of fun. I'm not sure we'll do it again, but it was an experience worth having. 🙂 My finished projects have been few and far between lately. I've been mostly working on designs, and now Christmas stuff that I won't post until the new year. For now, I have to go finish Dad's gift. It's trying to beat me, but I won't let it win. hehe Thanks for reading!

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