Etsy Plans

At this point in time, I am making plans to start an Etsy shop. The thought is to try and sell some things for some extra money for my knitting habit. The other great thing is that I can feed the knitting habit by knitting for the Etsy shop, and then I know where stuff will be going. Right now, I can't help but wonder what will happen to everything I knit. At the moment, I am knitting sweaters, pants and soakers for babies. I have a newborn sweater on the go, along with another sweater, that I believe is size 6-12 months. I need to finish a few things, take pictures, and then get them up on the page. I am also working on an experiment. I have an issue with my brace. It's a plastic brace that covers the back of my leg, and goes under the foot. Now, the issue is that I can not have the plastic directly against my skin because of obvious problems of the plastic sticking and chafing. The thought is to make a brace sock. This will cover the whole brace, and will have a flap at the top to keep it in place. Being smooth plastic, I need something to keep it up, or it will be the droopiest thing ever. I have started one out of a cotton/elastic blend. It seems like it will be stretchy and soft. I really have to go buy more of this yarn to make socks for myself now. It is so nice feeling. I had been planning to make just a tube, but with the shape of the brace, I'm going to have to make it like I would make a sock with a full heel/gusset increase to go up the leg. I am really hoping it will work. If it does, I could have a bit of a niche market here that I could sell these to other that are struggling with this problem. I really do not like that I have to wear a sports sock that goes up to my knee in order to wear my brace comfortably. It doesn't matter what the brace looks like. I have to wear it, and that's just how it is, but why not make it at least as comfortable as possible? I just really hope it works. hehe My lace shawl has been put away temporarily. Wouldn't you know it. I found my size 6 bamboo needles, which would have made it so much easier, and I knit 2 rows with them, and just put it away. lol It's at the bottom of my knitting bag right now. It's really irritating me that I put it away, so I'm sure I will pull it back out soon. hehe

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