Small Successes

FaithButton Lets see here, what have I done lately that could be considered a success. It feels like I have been laid up for so long, that I haven't accomplished anything. I'm pretty sure that isn't really the case. 1) I caught up on the dishes yesterday. It took an hour and a lot of scrubbing, but they are done. 2) I pulled together all the recyclables. It's surprising how much stuff accumulates when you have been incapacitated by faulty muscles. lol 3) I made it to all my classes this week. Considering I missed a bunch of classes before our Spring break, and I missed the entire week after spring break, it feels like it's been forever since I was actually at class for a full week. And I have to say, it felt pretty good. 🙂 4) I even started off our Lenten practices by doing something special for J. I had a nice batch of Apple Crisp waiting for him when he got home from classes. In all this week was one of the better weeks in a while. I am feeling pretty good. 🙂 Now, if only Spring would start to show itself. hehe

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