I almost went to class today. Luckily, I decided last night that it just wasn't going to happen. I took my medication, which means I need at least 11 hours sleep, and drifted off. I feel miserable today. I have a feeling my fever is causing some issues. It's either back in full swing, or breaking. I can't decide if I am warm or cold, whether my sugars are dropping or if the uncontrollable shaking is from the fever, and whether I am hungry or just insanely thirsty. So, ya...still not well. lol We did manage to get out for a little bit before I started feeling extra terrible. We stopped at the bakery for some goodies. They have a delicious garlic hummus there. Oh yummy! So, I grabbed 2. 😀 The last one only lasted me a day. lol I have some pita chips to go with it as well. J picked up some of those new Artisan Tostitos the other day, and we found some crab and spinach dip at the bakery that might go nicely with them. And best of all...we can still eat them tomorrow!! Yay! hehe With being sick, I hadn't had meat for a week. Not good for iron levels. We ordered pizza one night, and I got a veggie pizza. Not so good. We had hamburger stroganoff last night, which helps. But, my eyes are starting to look kind of sunken. But, with both of us not feeling well, cooking was not high on our priority list. To make us feel better, we did find some yummy treats at the bakery. 😀 I have tiramisu and J has an apple pear's like an apple pie, but it's apples and pears in a pastry sandwich. We also made a trip to Staples. I needed an ink pad, photo paper and pens. While we were there, we went looking for organizers and things. With our downgrade in office space, organizing is a must. We need to make the best use of the real estate available to us, as we can. I am still trying to figure out how to organize everything. I have the added issue of having 2 printers as well. I might have to take my photo printer up to my craft room, and hook it up to my laptop. If I find that there is just no way to do what I need to at my desk, then this could be a good solution. The photo printer is huge! It's about 2feet wide. Big beast, but I love it. 🙂 I thought I would add a picture to sum up how our week has felt. DSCN2558 That about sums it up. This is our kitten Abby (about to turn 1), trying to sleep behind my computer monitor.

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