February Pullover

I have finally taken pictures of my February pullover. It has been done for weeks, but I just got around to doing the pictures, and I actually wore it for the first time today. I thought it would be nice and cheerful to wear to Mass, considering how grey it is outside. 🙂 The sweater in all its glory: Feb Sweater A close up of the pattern detail: Feb Sweater back It was a surprisingly quick knit. I think it helped that it was patterned all the way through. When I do a sweater that is just a straight stockinette, it gets really boring! My Stonehenge poncho is a plain knit, but it's going really quick as well. I'm so anxious to get it finished. I am around row 115 of about 172 rows for the body, then I move on to the collar and button band. DSCN2790 It's going to take me some time yet to finish the poncho. The rows are getting very very slow to knit, just because they are getting so long, and are only going to get longer. It will be well worth it!

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