Now that Boxing Day is here, I can finally put up all those Christmas projects that I had been working on for months! Everything was very well received, which is always a relief. Since I start my Christmas knitting during the summer months, I am able to finish much earlier. My last gift that needed to be mailed was finished by the 20th of November. The last Christmas gift that didn't need to be mailed was finished November 29. Since then I have even managed to make a couple things for myself. hehe Let's get this photo show started. First up, is not a knitting project, but is a ceramic that I painted for J's mom. ipad 084 Next up is a sweater for my aunt. She really liked this. The colour is really a bit darker in person, but this is close. Untitled This is a wrap that I made for my mom. It's a lighter weight and is more for spring or fall, or even a cool summer evening. It might need to have a tie made for it, but for the most part it is meant to hang or be held with a shawl pin. Untitled I was part of a couple card swaps this year, so I made some little bookmarks to go in the cards. Some were like the following picture, and others had a sock on each end. Untitled J's Goddaughter was given a couple things for Team Spain (soccer). This was an item I made for her, and it's the Team Spain soccer ball. Daisy decided that she needed to inspect it first. I set it down for a moment, and Daisy reached up to grab it. Untitled A friend had a lot of damage to her house as a result of Hurricane Sandy. So, a bunch of us got together to make ornaments to send to her. We weren't sure how much of her Christmas decorations may have survived, but we wanted to send her a bit of love. I wrote up the design and made this for her. Mini Caps Stocking This isn't the best picture, but J's mom also received this cowl. It's pretty long and can be wrapped around the neck twice with it still being loose. Untitled My mom received this cowl. I forgot to take a picture of it with buttons, but we chose blue buttons for her. Untitled There were other gifts that I forgot to take pictures of. There were a couple hats in there, and a coffee cozy. But, that's okay. They were all loved and appreciated. And when all of those were finished, I set to work on some things for me. I finished this pair of socks last night. They have been in progress for months! I really love the colour of them. I used Debbie Macomber Blossom Street yarn in the Alpine Strawberry colour. That pattern is Laurel Socks by Wendy D. Johnson. I really enjoyed the pattern, and it was a fast knit, even with the lace pattern. Untitled I also finished a sweater for myself. The pattern is Chevron by Daniella Nii. It was so fast to knit, and was simple, yet looks very lovely. There is just enough decoration to make it a bit fancier. I really really love this sweater. 😀 Untitled Wow! That is a lot of stuff! But, now begins a new year of knitting goodies. I am working on an Aeolian Shawl by Elizabeth Freeman, that is found on It is a huge shawl. Well, there are 3 sizes, and I have chosen to do the biggest. I have a bunch of Knitpicks lace weight yarn that I received last year for Christmas, so I wanted to start using it. I am knitting it in a lovely dark green. I am very early into this project though, so it will be months before this one is finished. I also have a pair of socks on the go that I started many months ago, as well. Those ones are Cubist by Cookie A. I am nearly done the first sock of that pair. I am working hard to clean out and empty my knitting bag. January might see a couple of hats being made. It's hattrick month. The hockey group I'm a member of on Ravelry designates January as Hattrick month, where you knit 3 hats. Get it? Hattricks are usually 3 goals in one hockey game, but we're doing a double play and knitting 3 hats. 🙂 hehe It's great fun. I don't usually have many hats that need to be made, but I think I actually have a couple that I am looking to do this year. Those projects will begin on January 1.

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