The wait continues

And here we are in January. We are still waiting on things to move forward with my Green Card application. The websites quote of 5 months may have been a bit overzealous. But, the wait must go on. With the waiting comes the filling up of time component. I'm sure we can all guess what that might have meant for me. You're right...more knitting. I have been a busy girl the last couple weeks. I am considering getting a head start on some Christmas presents. haha! Why not? I mean, once that Green Card comes in, we'll be in high gear to get moved down to the US, and then looking for a house, then moving in to said house, then doing any renovations that are needed. By the time I actually get settled again it's going to be around October at this rate. lol But, while we are in limbo down there, I will be able to start working. I am going to be starting on some designs that I hope to publish as soon as I can. That will depend on when I start on the designs, and when the test knits are complete. I have one project on the go already for a butterfly scarf. This will lead into selling the handmade items from those designs on Etsy. I know that technically the copyright on patterns in the US is on patterns only, and not on that actual items made from it, but I still feel like I should honour the designers a bit. You know? I don't have to, but it just feels like the right thing to do. So, I will design my own patterns and sell the items I make from those designs. I'll also sell the designs. I do plan on putting the copyright information on there, but I will also add that the copyright is on the pattern only, and not the items made. This will give the buyers of the pattern more ability to use it. I purchased a book recently about how to design socks. I also have a book on fairisle designs. I plan on getting into those books soon. In addition to that, I am also going to be taking my sewing stuff down with me. I plan on starting to make my bags once we are there. Since we are going to have more spare time than I think we will (I mean, we won't be house hunting 24/7, and when we find a place it'll be a couple weeks or months before we actually close), I want to get started on the bags. Luckily, the sewing items won't take up much space in the truck. All I have right now is the sewing machine and some thread. I haven't purchased any fabrics, because they are too expensive compared to down there. I'll get fabrics once we get there. It'll be much easier to move it the half hour across town, as opposed to the 5 days across country. Now, on to the projects! January is known as Hattrick month. I'm part of a hockey group on Ravelry that does this every year. Usually I am in school and just don't have the time to work on hats. But, this January was different. And it's been downright frigid. So, hats it is. 😀 The idea of Hattrick month is simple. If you watch hockey, you already get the idea. So, a hattrick in hockey is 3 goals in one game. The idea of the Hattrick in this case, is 3 hats made in January. I am currently on hat number 6 (did I mention I was bored?). Hat 1 was a cute fairisle pattern I have been thinking about for a while. I started last January and just didn't have time to get past even the ear flaps. So, I started again. This isn't the best picture, because it was midnight, and I was using my iPad. hehe This pattern is from Ravelry, of course, and is called Alpaca Earflaps. Untitled Next up, we have a hat for J. It's a simple bulky weight yarn that should be warm on those chilly winter days. He's already worn it out a few times, and really liked it. This one is called Jason's Tweed Hat. Untitled Hat number 3 was a child's hat and will probably end up being a Christmas present. It's an anime style hat of a character whose name I have forgotten once again. haha But, it's a cute one. Untitled I really loved hat number 4. I find that beret's are really cute. I have been wearing this one quite often. It's called Columbia Beret. Untitled My fifth hat was for a friends brother in law. He's going to be start chemo soon to prep him for a stem cell transplant. To help lift his spirits, we sent him a hat in the local team colours. This one is Ellen's Knit Hat. It's simple, and can be easily modified for any stripes or designs you would like to put in. I kind of like how my stripes turned out. 🙂 Untitled I have a sixth hat on the go. I bought a class from Craftsy on Double Knitting, which I have been working my way through. The hat on there is Atyria. I am only part way through, but it's pretty neat looking. It's too big for me, I think, but it might fit J. Double knitting means that what I am seeing on the outside of the hat, is exactly the opposite of what is inside of the hat...totally reversible. You'll see what I mean from the pictures. After I learn this, I want to learn how to double knit a hat that is a completely different pattern inside from what it is outside. Outside: Untitled Inside: Untitled I also finally finished my Basket Case socks. I am very happy with them. I didn't bother with matching colours on these, though, because I ran out of yarn part way through. I also have to fix my bind off for the right sock because it's a bit tight. But, that's just a minor detail. They are a bit big, but oh so comfy! Untitled As I was cleaning out yarn and taking stash photos, I came across a pair of mittens that I had completely forgotten about. So, I also finished those up. I had about 3/4 of the first mitten done, so it didn't take long to finish that one. The pattern was pretty easy. It's a Drops pattern and didn't take much time at all. Untitled I also made a quick dishcloth too. I picked up some cotton yarn for myself, when I went to get the 40 balls for mom. They were on sale for half price, so mom wanted a bunch. hehe Untitled And last but not least, is a picture that is technically not knit by me, but it's definitely knitting themed. It's a tea pot and mug set that I found at Stokes. How awesome is this?! It's so cute. 😀 And since we had giftcards from Christmas, it cost me nothing! Even better. hehe Untitled I should be finishing up another pair of socks tonight. Then I need to look through my stuff again to see what other WIP's are out there. I know I have my tank top on the go and I have a couple scarves. I need to start getting these finished, so I can have my needles back. That is the only good thing about waiting for the Green Card! I have time to get through this stuff, so I can get my knitting items organized and in their proper place before we have to pack things up. 🙂

2 thoughts on “The wait continues

  1. The fair isle hat and entrelac socks are BITCHIN’!

    And the beret is totally cute. While I would be hard pressed to wear one, my mother unironically loves them, so I am always on the look out for new patterns to make for her.

    About how long did it take to make the beret and socks?

  2. Thanks! The beret was a very fast knit. I think I did it in an evening, which would have been about 5 hours of knitting or so. It was a really simple pattern to follow. The socks were a bit longer. I think it took me about 3-4 days of knitting per sock. I tend to do at least 5 hours of knitting per day. It was an easy pattern though, just a bit fiddly with picking up the stitches. If I make them again, I am going to go down in needle size. They ended up being a little bigger than I would like. My gauge was definitely not correct on these ones.

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