Running through the wips

I am going through my knitting bags and hiding spots to find all of those WIPS that are sitting around the house. I'm doing this for a couple reasons. 1) I obviously wanted the item enough to start it, so I should probably finish it. 2) With us getting ready to move soon, I need to get my needles back and organized. And I don't want to have WIPS sitting on a moving truck somewhere for 3 months. First up, I finished my Cubist socks. These are a Cookie A design, that I found in one of my knitting books. They are super easy, with a simple easy to remember pattern. I started these back in November or December, but had to pause for some other things before I could continue. But, they are now done, and they are very comfortable. Untitled Next up is my Green Tea Vest. This turned out really cute. I was finished with the front, and had already started the back when I set it down. So, I pulled it back out and finished it off last night. Untitled Since I bought a couple camisoles to wear under my Chevron Sweater, it works out great, because I can also wear them under this vest in the summer. And of course, I can wear longer sleeves under it in the spring. It's very versatile. And since my knitting bag is lonely without having a pair of socks in it, I cast on another pair. These ones are 2luvcrew. They are cute, but knit up a bit big. As I tried taking a picture, I did realize one important thing. These socks are the perfect size to slip right over another pair. Yes, I have a pair of sport socks under this sock. And it fits like a dream! Double socks in the thick of winter. Awesome! And considering how cold it gets in these parts, that would be very welcomed indeed. It might not be as needed after we move, but I'll just think of them more as slippers. hehe Warm on the tootsies when walking over the hardwood or tiled floors. Untitled

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