Lost socks and laundry lint

First of all, the unthinkable has happened. I have only 2 pairs of knit socks left. The rest have gone back to the laundry lint texture they started as. It's like something out of a scary movie. Socks that are full of holes, and are felted beyond recognition. They look more like a sock shaped purse than something you would put on your foot. Oh the humanity!! Thankfully I have started on new socks. Actually I have two finished. There is just one problem: Untitled They are from 2 different pairs. I suppose I could wear them together, but it would be a little strange. hehe The socks on the right are 2 Luv Crew, by Alice Yu. They are a great pattern, but I am finding that they are knitting up larger than I want. This is not a normal problem for me, as I tend to find that my feet and calves are too big for normal sock patterns. So, these socks will end up being just regular house socks. The one on the left is my go to pattern for the "I need socks now" moments. They are Take Five socks. I love how they just have a small detail that gives a little texture, but the detail doesn't slow down the knitting at all. I should have those ones done tomorrow. Super fast knit, and they fit like a dream...every time. I have been trying to come up with something to knit as a gift for one of the Priests at our parish. He has been diagnosed with Cancer. They found a mass in his abdomen. Unfortunately, they have had to start chemo for 6-8 weeks before they even feel comfortable enough to go in to remove the mass. It's not in the best spot. Father is prepared for what may lay ahead...well as prepared as anyone can be, really...but I thought it would be nice to send over a small care package before we move away to let him know that we will be praying for him. Since summer is coming, I was concerned about anything too warm. But, I was reminded that when someone is going through chemo and such, they do tend to get cold easily. And since the parish office is air conditioned, he could get chilly. I think I'll make a hat or two, and maybe a variation on a coffee cozy. The cozy will be more of a bottle cozy. He loves a particular brand of pop that starts with a P (don't want to say it for fear of spam hitting hehe), so a cozy for that could be cute. I'll have to see what materials I have around for those. I think the hat will be made out of a fingering weight yarn to make it comfortable, and not bulky and hot. I made this one ready for a friends brother in law, who is battling cancer. He lives near DC, so it's in the colour of a few of their sports teams. Untitled Perhaps I will do something similar to this for Father. Another good reason for the hat, is that hospitals can be very chilly. Perhaps even some fingerless mittens could be helpful. I'll have to see what I can come up with and get done in the next couple weeks. I also need to finish this baby blanket. It's coming along nicely, but it did get set aside for the socks...and the lace cardi. hehe I just can't help myself. I'm such a project hopper right now! But, this is where the blanket is right now. I am on the last round of blocks. So, that's about 33 blocks remaining. Not bad, but still a lot. I might have to work on that this afternoon instead of the socks. But, I really need socks! lol Especially since winter decided to return yesterday. Brr! Untitled This is the fabric for on the back of the blanket, and the ribbon that I'm going to use for the edging. Untitled I really can't wait to see the blanket finished! It's going to be so adorable. And I'm sure mama will love it.

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