Spring seems to be here!

In the next few days, I will begin taking some pictures of spring. 🙂 I want to get pictures of the buds as they are coming out on the trees. I do this nearly every year. It just makes me so happy to see the first signs of spring. Our snow is completely gone now, which is awesome. But, my family in friends up north are no where near being into spring yet. They were hammered with more snow today! The snow in many places is 6-8 feet high now. It's going to be months before they completely thaw, if the snow ever stops. I was actually able to finish a project yesterday, which was awesome. It's my Katie sweater. It's a red with a grey/oatmeal bottom. I absolutely love it! katie cropped 01b2a1f5e49d13c30cfc50fb8498b9d995f6a45614 01079acecc38d90a4bd7ffaa8eff84315ba5672048 It doesn't look that great over this tshirt, but it was done, so we took a quick picture. The ends are not woven in yet, either. They are now though! For the next three months, at least, we are starting on a full diet. We have been slowly getting stuff out of our diet and trying to get back to natural cooking, but it has been tough. It was also halted a bit when J hurt his knee. He tore the meniscus a few weeks ago, and is now waiting for surgery. That will be at the end of the month. So, the plan is to get meals prepared ahead of time and put into containers and into the freezer. We will also be doing this for J's dad, who really wants to get going on weight loss. This was also kicked into high gear because of my last rheumatology appointment. She wants me to try going gluten free. I'm not a fan of this, because my body really excels on carbs. But I do have foods in my diet that I have issues with, and have cut them out completely. That means nothing with high fructose corn syrup, no nuts, and no chicken or eggs unless it is organic. I have a terrible allergy to the antibiotics in the chicken feed. The same antibiotic is used in the sprays for fruits down here, so I have to go with organic fruits as well. I am already down 6 pounds and down an inch or two on the waist. Good bye bloating! I was starting to think all this pain was in my head, but the rheumatologist did another blood test last week. It's one that gives me a scale of how bad the disease activity is for the rheumatoid arthritis. She thought it would come back low, and that we would go to a neurologist to look for a secondary cause. The results came back yesterday, and I am in the moderate-severe category. That explains that! The doc was a bit surprised, since my other blood work showed that I was getting better. And maybe I have, and this is where I am now. That's a scary thought. I am doing one more month on my current medication to see if there is an improvement with the max dose. Then we'll talk about the next step, which is biologics. These really do worry me. It's like you are borrowing from your future for today. But, if I don't take them, I am doing the same thing, because in another 10 years or so, I won't be able to walk at all. It's almost lunch time, so I should get something good together for that, and then start the meal plans for the next couple weeks. With J's surgery coming up, I will need to premake things and get everything set up and ready. I can't guarantee that I'll be well enough to cook, so I need to prepare. 🙂

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