Summer update

The last number of months have been filled with dealing with health issues, injuries, and knitting. Not the kind of summer I would have liked, but it's the kind I was given. We were able to start up our golf lessons again this summer. Unfortunately, the end of July into August has been too warm for us, and my breathing has been suffering. That has meant more time indoors for me. J has recovered well from his surgery. It was worse than the doc thought. He was able to save some cartilage, but only because he stopped digging. The meniscus tore quite a bit, and folded over on itself. That was all clipped away and repaired. He's feeling much better now. I've been on the biologics for about 5 months now. They are doing well, but I'm only at about 75%. The pain is significantly reduced, but not completely. I am also very very tired. When I go back in October, we'll talk about whether there is something secondary going on. Until then I will work at getting my strength back and getting everything stretched out. Here is a little bit about what we have been doing. We went to a Pentatonix concert. It was fantastic!! We really had a lot of fun. We even ran into friends that were also there. We were right up at the front of the pit area. 😀 Untitled I have been knitting (I see a theme here). The bottom blue socks were for a swap package a week ago. Thankfully the recipient loved them. The others were for me. Untitled Untitled thumb_IMG_0754_1024 Untitled Wildlife watching, while on the golf course: Untitled We had a deck garden this year. Three of these bad boys were going all summer. We have a fourth one now, and we'll be adding a raised bed on the ground around most of the back deck. Untitled Until our garden is big enough to supply us, we are getting a weekly vegetable delivery. Daisy is fond of the box that everything comes in. Untitled We did a lot of canning. Strawberries, tomatoes, peaches...all jarred and stored: Untitled Abby has been taking good care of me (notice how happy she is..she's drooling). hehe Untitled We have also finished painting the walls in the laundry room. We tore out the old shelf and bar system that was in there, and was taking up too much room. The new shelving is out of the way, and makes it much easier to get to the washer and dryer. It also holds more pantry items. The walls are a pretty lilac color. I still need to paint the trim and cabinets, but having the walls done meant getting the room put back together. And everything out of the dining room. 🙂 Untitled Hopefully I'll update more often going forward. Especially since the fall is approaching, and I have been actually able to do things. That has unfortunately meant less knitting time, but that's okay. At least I am able to knit and do other things.

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