Snowy Weekend

It's pretty snowy out there right now. We are in the crosshairs of Winter Storm Jonas this weekend. And by crosshairs, I mean that when they show the map and they show the area that's to be walloped around DC, that's us. It's going to be a good weekend to just hang out at home, drink hot chocolate, read and knit. In preparation for the knitting, I have a bunch of projects on the go. I have three pairs of socks cast on, a sweater, a wrap, and who knows what else right now. haha I did have another pair of socks that I was working on, but the cast on was way too tight. So, I've ripped it back and I'm going to try again. I think if I use larger needles for the cast on and first couple rows it will make a big difference. I did finish a lot of projects recently though. First is a pair of fingerless mittens I made for a friend: Untitled I also made a hat, which is just in time for this weather: Untitled Some Christmas presents were actually completed this year. Cowl for my sister in law: Untitled Scarf for a friend: Untitled Hats for my parents: Untitled Untitled I finished a sweater for myself. We went to Detroit over Thanksgiving (end of November), and I was able to wear this while we were there. Untitled I am still keeping up with the rheumatologist. Unfortunately the doctor we were seeing moved away. Her mom was very sick and needed the extra care, so of course we completely understood. We are now seeing the nurse practitioner at the same office. She seems pretty good. When we talked about what was going on with my pain levels she did a thorough check of my joints and muscles. She came to the realization that I also have fibromyalgia. One of the issues is that my muscles don't release. They just won't relax. I also have nearly constant nerve signals. So, I tense up a lot and get a ton of nerve pain. I am doing massage therapy every couple weeks, which does help a little bit. But, now that the rheumatologist has found all this, I am going to start on a new medication. I just have to wait for insurance approval. It's one of these medications that can be used to treat 10 different things, so the insurance company wants to make sure that I am taking it for something that they have approved it for. We'll see how that goes. Otherwise we'll have to see if they will approve a different medication. Hopefully I'll find out about that next week. They say 2-3 days, but that is never the case. And it's now been 5 business days since the paperwork was sent in. In order to deal with all this, I have been making some diet changes. There hasn't been much needed, but the rheumy would like to see us on more of a Mediterranean diet. All that has meant for us is adding an extra 4-5 servings of vegetables and fruit, at least, per day, an extra serving of fish a week and an extra serving of lentils per week. Otherwise, we've been doing pretty good with our diet. I have cut out the potatoes, which I'm not happy about. But, it's okay. I'll treat myself from time to time. We are also making sure to limit our pasta to one time per week. The next thing to tackle is the white flour. I have to do some looking to see how I can change that out and how much I need to. I'm already feeling a bit better, though. My body enjoys the extra fruit and vegetables, so it's not complaining at all. The one issue that I have is my sugar levels. I am crashing a lot. This is going to require some tweaking to get my system to stabilize. We'll call it a work in progress. 😀

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