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We made it through the storm! Unfortunately, not all the buildings in the area did. A local Catholic school had a roof collapse at the location of their music department. The snow drifted up in that area and they weren't able to clear it in time. It has already warmed up enough to melt a lot of the snow, and we've had some rain. Thankfully our area didn't flood, although there were flood warnings for the whole area. We did end up with about 30" on average around the area. That's a lot more snow than they are accustomed to here. It was cleaned up pretty fast in our area. In other areas, it didn't fare so well. Where we are, there are a lot of areas with trees and things where the snow can be pushed. Other areas are so built up that there is no where to put it. So, in the come with front end loaders and trucks to haul it away to fields. In that downtime I finished a pair of socks. These ones are Osier socks. They turned out cute, but they actually run a bit smaller than most of the patterns I have used recently. That being said, they are a fast knit and are very cute. The pattern is very easy to follow and was a pattern that I could take with me anywhere. I used Chroma yarn for them. The Chroma is nice and soft, but is very splity. And if you make a mistake, trying to tink back can be difficult. This means that they will really hold the pattern well over time. But, they do shrink easily, so just soak them to wash and don't agitate the water. I am worried about how the yarn will wear, but I'll find out soon. These bad boys are about to join my sock drawer. Untitled After I finished these, I was digging around for the pair of red socks I had started ages ago. I remembered them being too big and fiddly. But, I remember incorrectly. I thought I had to tear them out to start over. But, I had already ripped them out, started over, and had one sock completely finished. lol They are knee highs too, so this is something I probably should remember knitting. 🙂 But, I started these 3 years ago, so I can forgive myself a little. I also thought that the matching red yarn I have downstairs was needed for these socks. But, I guess it isn't. I have plenty in the wound cake that is connected to the partially finished second sock to more than finish this sock. I feel like I have some strange yarn vortex going on here because two knee high socks should take more than what appears to be a half of a skein of yarn. This pattern is called a Girl's Best Friend. It's a diamond pattern that is repeated on each side of the leg. The rest is just straight knit, so this is a wonderful pattern for just sitting back and relaxing with a nice cup of tea and just letting the brain relax. I had to knit two different sizes. One is the medium for my left leg and the other is the small for my right leg. Since my calves vary so much in size, this should work out perfectly. The medium is a perfect fit for my left leg. I did however make a slight modification. The ribbing is supposed to continue up to be a thigh high sock, but I stopped just below the knee. I find that socks that go over the knees and up onto the thighs annoy my skin. So, I just decreased a bit in the ribbing to tighten it up a bit and it worked great. I even remembered to make notes on the patter, which somehow I managed to find after three years and a move! What are the odds?! Untitled Now that February is here, and we're starting to relax a bit from Christmas and things, it's now time for getting organized. Spring is going to be here very soon, and nurseries are opening up in just over a week. So, garden planning was a must. Today I sat down and went through all the seeds we had and made a map of our garden space. I have everything planned out of where things are to go. Plus I made the purchase list for things we need to get, like some fresh soil, fertilizer, some marigold plans and peppermint plants for bug control, etc. In two weeks I have to plant the tomatoes and peppers in the started kits to get them going, and then they will be planted around the end of April, outside. Everything else is being planted the last week of March to the beginning of April. Hopefully I can get the amount of plants I would like to get. I'm not really sure if I'll get what I want. We'll find out when we start planting. We'll take our time this year and be very diligent on what is planted where, which is why I have it all drawn out. But, I want to make sure we don't have over crowding. I also just finished the chore chart. It's simply the days of the week, and certain chores for each day. Everything is usually in my head, so it's hard for Joe to just pick up something to do. Plus I get very frazzled because the "clean what is dirty" plan ends up with me needing to clean everything now. It will take a few weeks to get caught up, probably, but this has everything listed for us both to be able to look at. It's up on the pantry door where we can easily see it. I actually finished 3/4 of what is on the list for today, so yay me! I'm just not changing the bedding, because I haven't washed the other set of sheets yet. hehe Those are being washed now. So, I'll call it a win. I'll change the bedding another day and then wash the current set on the other laundry day. This should help get the house cleaning under control a bit, and not make me feel so overwhelmed. I like a clean and tidy house, and it's been tough to get it that way. Fingers crossed this does the trick. 😀 That's pretty much from our neck of the woods. Lots of things going on, and we're trying to keep afloat. It's hard to get everything done in the day and have time for the other stuff. Joe gets very little writing time right now, which needs to be remedied. Hopefully we'll get that figured out.

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