Spring cleaning in February

We have begun the process of recovering our house. Not from damage, but because we've felt so awful the last year. We're both allergic to dust, and our dust bunnies have brought friends. So, you can imagine how much fan that is! I set up a chore list that has a list for each day of the week. We're slowly getting into the routine of it. I think it's set up with enough chores to keep on top of things, but not so much that it's not achievable. I'm implementing a few things for Lent. First is getting on top of chaos and clutter, both in the house and mentally. It will take weeks for us to get the house back in order. But, I have to say that it's improving quickly. I have our bedroom and the guest bedroom looking nearly normal and well kept. We've almost caught up on the dishes and kitchen tidying. I think we'll be caught in another few days. I have also altered my eating to make that cleaner as well. I have cut down significantly on the pop. I keep trying to cut back, but keep getting lazy or tired of drinking something else. At this stage I am drinking an iced tea lemonade. It's a powder mix, and is 1/3 the sugar. I just put the powder in a large mason jar (quart), then put in ice, then add my water. I can then put the lid on it and shake away. 😀 I get a very cold drink with a ton less sugar, and it gives me water instead of caramel flavoring. It's also real sugar, so no high fructose corn syrup. I'm trying to stay away from that, because it makes me feel awful. My sugar levels skyrocket and I get very sick to my stomach, and have GI issues. So, I should probably list my goals somewhere. There are many, and most of them are knitting based. But, first for me, I want to lose 50lbs. With that, I hope that I'll feel better physically and with the meds I'm hoping that will mean I'll get more weight off after that, and just feel able to go and do what I would like to do. With the weight loss, I'll feel more comfortable with getting my knee taken care of. I'll be going to an orthopedist soon to see what he wants to do going forward. Until then, here are my knitting goals: 3 sweaters- #1: The Brick: in progress 10 pairs of socks- #1: Osier Socks: finished. #2 Girl's Best Friend: finished. 2 scarves (laceweight) 6 hats- #1: Herriot Hat: finished Beekeeper pieces (Thanks Moody for the reminder!) Fingerless mitts for a friend WIP’s to finish: Battle of Five Armies Shawl Bay of Fundy Scarf Estonian Square Shawl Ortansia Wrapigan Girl’s Best Friend: finished The sweater I mentioned as in progress above, The Brick, is a bit under half done. I am at least half way through the body. Then I have to do the sleeves and the neck. I'm pushing to get this done next, and we have a wee bit of a cold snap coming, so I might make it. I have 3 days. hehe I might be a bit delusional, but you never know unless you try! Untitled Two pairs of socks and a sweater being finished by the middle of February is pretty good. I am also working on sewing a plaid shirt for myself. Just ignore the cat fur. Daisy has decided that it is the best bed ever! hehe Untitled And with that, it's time to go work on that sweater. It won't knit itself!

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