Finished projects and planning

I actually finished a couple more projects in the last couple weeks. One good thing about getting meds that work for me, and feeling better is that I have my knitting mojo back. I made another pair of socks for myself. I am really trying to get my sock drawer filled for the fall/winter. 🙂 Take Five Socks. This is a great go to pattern. I finished these socks in about 4 days. The pattern is super simple and I have it memorized, so I can work on it anywhere. They really are one of my favorite patterns. It adds just enough detail to be interesting, and can be used for women or men, since the pattern is very unisex. Untitled The other project I finished was a pair of fingerless mittens that have been sent off to a friend. This is another pattern that can be whipped up quickly. It's the second pair of these I have made to send to someone. They are called Sleekit Mitts. There is just a little bit of texture, which gives them a bit of extra stretch. And with that stretch they can fit a variety of sizes with no changes needed in the actual making of them. 🙂 Untitled Would you believe that I have already started my Christmas planning? I left it until almost September last year, and it was way too much of a rush. So, I have started early. I have mom's Christmas present on the go already. The goal is to send some stuff up to mom and dad in various packages to avoid any customs charges. If I send it all at once, the dollar value for a one time shipment is just too much. This year I'll do it over the course of a few months. That means mom will have to store them somewhere, but it'll still be a bit easier. Instead of making stuff in September, I'll start shipping in September. hehe My goals have been updated recently: 3 sweaters- #1: The Brick: finished 10 pairs of socks- #1: Osier Socks: finished. #2 Girl’s Best Friend: finished. #3 Lapsang Souchong: finished. #4 2luvcrew socks: finished. #5 My cup of tea Socks: finished. #6 Take Five socks: finished. #7 My cup of tea Socks: in progress 2 scarves (laceweight): Ostrich Plume Scarf: in progress 6 hats- #1: Herriot Hat: finished Beekeeper pieces (Thanks Moody for the reminder!) Fingerless mitts: Finished This will be my running tally spot as well. 🙂 eta: WIP’s to finish: Battle of Five Armies Shawl: finished Bay of Fundy Scarf Estonian Square Shawl Ortansia Wrapigan Girl’s Best Friend: finished Lapsang Souchong: finished 2luvcrew socks: finished Limberlost Trails Cherry Blossom and Diamond Shawl eta: starting yardage: 84,919 April 24 yardage: 72,419…used 12,500 yards so far. So, I am short on a couple things right now. I haven't completed any of the scarves, but I do have one on the go. I don't know if I will get all of these done in 2016, but I want to get a good dent in them. The socks won't be an issue, and neither will the sweaters. The beekeeper pieces are a long term thing. I'm using left over sock yarn to make these, and plan on making a king size comforter out of them. The WIP's are a working list, but some of these will take months and months. The Estonian Square shawl will take a long time. The finished dimensions are 52" X 52". It's huge. But, this gives me a way to keep focused on what I want to get done. 🙂

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