Heat wave

We're in the midst of a second heat wave in just a few weeks. Although, it does amuse me that they call them heat waves now, when it always used to be called Summer. lol Oh well. Either way, it's hot outside, and it's stuffy. So, I'm tucked away indoors. The air conditioner has been struggling to keep up, though, which has meant it's really uncomfortable inside. Sunday we did an inspection of the system on our own. Let's face it, we can't get and HVAC guy in here for at least a week with this heat. Everyone and their dog is going to be having issues. Well, as we did our inspection, we found that not a single duct has been taped. Yep, not one. That meant that there are a bajillion leaks just in the furnace room alone. So, we bought foil tape, and covered every seam. We also felt around and covered everything with a draft. That was such a huge help. We've had at least three companies in here doing various inspections of the AC and furnace, plus a whole house balance check, and not one felt the need to mention the tape? Ugh! Oh well. That's why we do it ourselves. Today we'll go outside, and make sure the outdoor unit is clear. I trimmed the bushes back about two weeks ago, but we're going to clear more. Plus we'll also shut down the system and clean all the coils. That will be everything we can do with the system. Next up is insulation. Our exterior walls are so thin that we have no window ledges. I kid you not. The walls are only thick enough to hold a standard window box, with no extra. There is also no vapor barrier anywhere. When we hang pictures we pull out bits of insulation (and sometimes not even that), and no plastic. So, we'll go around and temp the walls. If they are warmer than they should be, we'll be tearing out drywall and spray foaming everything. It'll cost us a few thousand, but it's still cheaper than adding an entire second AC unit, which is over 20k. It will also make the house more energy efficient. Apart from that, I've had to put down what I was knitting for the Ravellenic games. It is a Christmas gift and it was just too hot in here to work on it. So, I started a pair of socks. That was my second choice for the games. I should have sock one done tonight, I hope. 😀 Untitled The yarn is very pretty. It's Tough Love Sock from sweetgeorgia. It's very pretty and very nice to knit with. It's not splitting in the least, and is just so smooth. This color is called Oyster Bay. It reminds me a bit of Moon Mist ice cream, but it needs more green for that. I chose a pattern I haven't knit before called By The River Seine. It's a simple pattern with just some knit togethers and yarn overs. Super easy. But, it gives the illusion of waves. Other than that, the weeks have been filled with doctor fights, and trying to exercise. I need to do as much as I can before the end of October, because the doctor might be taking me off the meds. Hopefully I've been on them long enough that it isn't a huge deal. I'm just tired of the doctors in the same practice disagreeing so much. This med works, no it really doesn't, but this does, but the only way to really help this is diet and exercise, ya, but you should still have this drug. If the med won't fix it, why should I take it? So, I've eliminated gluten from my diet, and have done some other diet modifications that we were already working on, and have been trying to do some exercising. It's been fine so far. 🙂 I'm not convince gluten free will help, but I need to give it a few months. We'll see. 🙂

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