Checking in

Wow, it's been longer than I thought since I last posted. I've been keeping busy the last couple months. We went on our cruise in September and had a lot of fun. Unfortunately I was sick by the time we got home, and am still sick 2 weeks later. I have many meds for my asthma, and to try to prevent pneumonia. We may or may not be winning that battle. I'll know more in a couple days. The cruise was once again a writing retreat. We really needed a mental reset, and this did just the trick. We were able to relax, and hang out with friends new and old. We were able to get some great advice from some of the pro's that were on hand, as well. It was great. I spent a lot of time relaxing. We had a balcony on our room, so I was able to spend some time out there. But, it was hot and humid, so my time was more limited than I wanted. At least it was a wall of door/windows, so I could see the water, even when I wasn't outside. I managed to get my sock finished and the pattern updated to out it in for test knitting. The last two weeks has been very little (read as no) knitting. A couple days ago, I felt well enough to finish the sock, and yesterday I updated the pattern and got the ball rolling there. Trip pictures: Our ship when we were in St. Maarten. We did an off ship day and did a bit of shopping, so I was able to grab a picture. This ship is huge! I think it's now classed as Royal Caribbean's second largest ship in their fleet. They were still calling it the largest when we were on board, but I think the new ship is supposed to be bigger. Untitled First stop (Jamaica): Untitled St. Thomas: Untitled St. Maarten: Untitled Wild chicken in St. Maarten: Untitled My sock by the water: Untitled I could knit here all day! Untitled And I'll throw in a picture of Abby, because she posed for pictures before we went away on vacation. I was doing photos for the sock pattern I released in September, and she decided it was her turn. IMG_1164 In all, things are going well here. We won't have any impact from the hurricane, which will be good. I feel so bad for all those in its path though. It's devastating so many areas. 🙁 Now it's time to go get some work done (what I can do, at least), and then return to resting.

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